Developing strong fundamental skills is foundational to any baseball or softball player’s game – which is why our private baseball and softball lessons equip athletes of all ages and experience levels with the specific skills they will need to reach their full potential on and off the field.


A consultation is a player’s first lesson with one of our instructors. It is an introduction to the training process that allows the player and instructor a chance to meet and identify areas they need to focus on moving forward.

As an exclusive benefit, Powermill members may schedule one free consultation per year.

Powermill consultation


Powermill Training Academy’s one-on-one baseball and softball training is available to all athletes who want to enhance their skills and gain a greater enjoyment of the game.


  • Non-members: $35 (30 minutes)
  • Members: Free Annually

Private Baseball Lesson

Our instructors bring collegiate and professional experience to teach players the proper techniques in all aspects of the game. Members may schedule private hitting, pitching, catching and fielding lessons.

  • Non-members: $75  (30 minutes)
  • Members: $50 (30 minutes)

Private Softball Lesson

Our softball instructors help players learn the skills and techniques they need to improve their game. Our coaches have the experience and knowledge to help players improve in areas of hitting, pitching, catching and fielding.

  • Non-members: $75  (30 minutes)
  • Members: $50 (30 minutes)


Powermill members may also purchase lesson packages.

  • Members: $300 (6, 30-minute sessions)


Powermill members and non-members can also reserve additional batting cages for independent training and practice.

  • Non-members: $35 (30 minutes)
  • Members: Free
HitTrax® analysis is available as an add-on for any private lesson or cage rental for $30 per 30-minute session.



Membership at Powermill Training Academy is the first step for athletes of any skill or experience level to reach their full potential through targeted training, guidance and opportunities for growth. We offer membership options for both individual athletes and families.


Our instructors are what truly sets Powermill Training Academy apart. With more than 45 years of collegiate and professional experience and a track record of elevating player performance, our coaches craft training programs designed to get the most from each player – regardless of experience or present skill level.



Ready to take the first step toward powering up your game? Schedule a consultation or private lesson to create a personalized training plan.