Powermill Training Academy gives players between the ages of 13-17 the tools they need to train for, try out for and excel on Tallahassee travel baseball teams. With hard work, training and determination, we help each player reach their full potential on and off the field.


Our instructors have over 45 years’ experience in collegiate and professional baseball and are passionate about training the next generation of players.


  • Identify areas of growth and work toward performance goals
  • Gain valuable college connections and experience
  • Walk into tryouts confident and prepared to succeed in a highly competitive environment

Our program is designed to prepare players for any Tallahassee travel baseball team, including our team: WAR Travel Baseball.

Travel baseball team benefits


A consultation is a player’s first lesson with one of our instructors. It is an introduction to the training process that allows the player and instructor a chance to meet and identify areas they need to focus on in private lessons moving forward.

Consultations are available for as little as $35 for a 30-minute session. As an exclusive benefit, Powermill members can schedule one free consultation per year. 

WAR Baseball – Powermill’s Travel Baseball Team

WAR [Wins Above Replacement]: A stat kept in baseball to identify a player’s worth in production relative to that of other players in the same position.


WAR Baseball LogoWAR was founded in 2021 by the coaches and instructors at Powermill Training Academy in Tallahassee, FL. Students work with pro-level coaches who know the game and what it takes to play in D1 programs, participating in top tournaments in both regional and national competitions. It offers teams in 13, 15, 16, and 17-year-old age groups.

Try Out for WAR

We are always looking for team-oriented players who have an outstanding work ethic and skills both on and off the field. We want the best from and for our players, and encourage those with elite hitting, fielding and throwing skills to try out for our team.

WAR’s fall try-outs are held during late July-mid-August, and spring try-outs are held during December.

Learn More About WAR Baseball

To register for tryouts or learn more about our team go to You can also visit our social media pages for up-to-date announcements and information.