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Benefits of Playing Community College Baseball

There are many paths to success in baseball, and all can lead to a rewarding career. Some players are drafted to a professional team right out of high school. Others are recruited to play at a four-year university and then drafted from a professional team from there. Alternatively, some players may start at a two-year community college, get drafted from there or transfer and play at  a four-year school. 

Community college is a great option for aspiring players for several reasons. Here’s what you need to know about community college baseball and what it could mean for your professional career. 


Many baseball players attend community college for academic reasons. Four-year universities, such as Florida State University, require both athletic skill and academic excellence to make the cut. “We’re trying to recruit the student-athlete as a whole ― the first word of that is obviously student. That’s the overall character part of it,” Florida State assistant coach and recruiting coordinator Rich Wallace said. “I’ve been to a lot of different places and a lot of parts of the country. We’re looking for guys that really love baseball and are there to do some special things.” 

If you aspire to play at a four-year university but do not have the grades just yet, community college baseball is an opportunity to work on your game and your academic performance. Many community colleges offer flexible academic schedules, making it easier for student-athletes to balance their coursework and baseball commitments. 

Comfort Level 

Attending a large university can be intimidating – and for some students, starting at a two-year community college is more manageable. Classes are smaller, students have more opportunities to communicate with their professors one-on-one, and navigating campus is an easier experience. Despite being smaller in size, countless community colleges have excellent baseball programs. 

Opportunities for Growth 

One often overlooked advantage of playing baseball at a community college is the potential for increased playing time. Because the program is smaller, players may get more playing time compared to larger universities. Spending two years playing and training with talented players and coaches provides an opportunity to grow, challenge yourself and get stronger and faster. You’ll gain the skills, but perhaps even more importantly, experience that will help you succeed as a player later.  

Next Steps 

Community college often serves as a stepping stone for players who aspire to play at higher levels of competition.  After improving their skills and gaining experience, players can transfer to four-year colleges or universities with the potential for scholarships. While community colleges may not have the same level of visibility as larger schools, talented players can still attract the attention of scouts and recruiters. 

Power Up Your College Baseball Game 

There are many paths to success – but there’s only one path that’s right for you. Take the time to evaluate your options, and don’t give up just because your path looks different than you imagined it. Many talented players have started their careers at a community college. It’s about taking every opportunity presented to you and making the most of it.  

Many of our coaches and staff at Powermill Training Academy started at community colleges and went on to play both collegiate and professional baseball. We are passionate about using that experience to equip the next generation of outstanding players.  Take charge of your game – book a consultation with one of our baseball instructors today.  


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