Technology in baseball statistics

HitTrax: The Importance of Technology in Baseball Statistics

There is very little about baseball that has changed since Abner Doubleday developed the game in 1893, except maybe the designated hitter and the pitch clock. But the way we evaluate player performance and the statistics we measure have certainly evolved thanks to new technologies such as those used by the HitTrax program. Here are a few ways HitTrax is changing the game.

Technical Baseball Statistics

While traditional baseball statistics can be measured with calculations based on outcomes, technology has paved the way for next-generation statistics and revolutionary ways for players to step up their game.

Examples of technical baseball statistics might include bat speed, the perceived velocity of pitch, pitch spin rate, delivery time and even defensive stats.

While the definitions of the statistics themselves may seem self-explanatory, they are statistics that require technological calculation, as eyes alone cannot detect specific angles and velocities.

Importance of Technology in Baseball Statistics

Some traditional baseball statistics can be assessed with eyes and timers, but many updated statistics require more advanced technology to measure.

One revolutionary simulator, HitTrax, provides innovative technology to coaches, players and parents to measure real-time statistics with live, immediate and accurate results.

HitTrax provides statistics for hitting, catching and pitching, including all of the following:

  • Hitting Stats
    • Exit Velocity
    • Launch Angle
    • Distance
    • Point of Impact
    • Play Outcome
    • Strike Zone Analysis
    • High-Speed Video with Integrated Metrics
  • Catching Stats
    • Arm Strength
    • Pop Time / Transfer Time
    • Throw Accuracy
    • Caught Stealing %
    • Strike Zone Analysis
    • High-Speed Video with Integrated Metrics
  • Pitching Stats
    • Pitch Velocity
    • Pitch Location
    • Late Break Measurement
    • % Strikes
    • Performance by Pitch Type
    • Opposing Battling Stats
    • High-Speed Video with Integrated Metrics

Advanced technology such as HitTrax makes measuring baseball statistics a seamless process. It provides instant feedback for a variety of statistics to redefine a player’s game and help them hone their skills.

How HitTrax Opens a Door for Improvement

The value of equipment such as HitTrax isn’t just that it measures more stats than before—but that it provides a solid plan for improvement. Rather than just hearing their stats or seeing them written down, HitTrax allows players to actually visualize how they are currently performing and see the adjustments that would be necessary to improve.

This equipment eliminates any subjectivity that may be associated with personal analysis; it provides a level of accuracy that cannot be matched—even by a trained eye.

The visual aspect of HitTrax allows players and coaches to analyze specific areas that need improvement. It eliminates the need for trial and error when it comes to improvement.

HitTrax and similar programs also allow for a seamless transition to playing on the actual field. HitTrax even provides simulated games — a significantly different experience than a pitching machine and conventional radar gun, which fail to simulate an actual game scenario.

HitTrax prepares players for the next level, which is much easier with this level of analysis to optimize player strengths.

Improve Your Baseball Stats with Powermill

No matter what areas of your game needs improvement, Powermill Training Academy has you covered. We understand the value of HitTrax and its ability to strengthen a player’s game, which is why it is at the core of our training method.

Our instructors train pitchers to develop a safe and age-appropriate pitch arsenal with an emphasis on arm care, strengthening and long-term development.

We train hitters to develop a good eye and use proper mechanics to swing with confidence. We also provide all players with the skills of proper footwork, handwork, glove management and situational awareness.

With a team of skilled instructors, a state-of-the-art facility and HitTrax analysis, we have all the tools you need to redefine your training.

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