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Writing an Essay on Sports | Tips for College Applications 

If high school athletics are a big part of what makes you, you, writing your college application essays about your sport might seem like a no-brainer. Need a little help to get from the idea to the final product? Here are the tips you need to write a college application essay on sports that will knock it out of the park.  

TIP: First things first – before you start writing, read the essay prompt carefully. Each school or program will have a specific set of instructions you must follow. Keep it in mind while you brainstorm, write and edit your essay.  

Narrow Your Focus 

Writing about your sport in general terms might be too broad, and you’ll find yourself jumping around from topic to topic. Instead, narrow your focus to one specific moment, team, game or lesson you learned along the way. 

Create a plan or outline for your topic before you start writing, including your thesis (or purpose) statement. What do you want the reader to ultimately learn or take away from the essay? Organize your essay with a clear introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Ensure that there is a logical flow of ideas and that your essay is easy to follow.  

Share Your Accomplishments – But Don’t Brag  

While it’s important to showcase your achievements, avoid sounding boastful when writing a college essay on sports. Balance your accomplishments with humility, acknowledging the role of teamwork and external support.  

Instead of simply listing achievements or qualities, use vivid and specific anecdotes to illustrate your points. Allow the reader to experience your story rather than just reading about it.  

Be Authentic  

When writing your essay, be genuine to yourself. Don’t try to write what you think the admissions committee wants to hear. Your authenticity will make your essay more compelling.  

How did playing your sport shape who you are as a person? Whether it’s the camaraderie, the challenges or the joy of competition, let your enthusiasm and dedication shine through in your writing.  

Check the Details 

Don’t write an incredible essay just to be overlooked due to errors. After writing your initial draft, take the time to edit and revise. Sometimes, reviewing after a break can help you find mistakes and even shed light on areas you could improve. Check for clarity, coherence and grammar. Consider seeking feedback from teachers, peers or mentors.  

Be careful to check the requirements for the essay you are writing (such as word or page count). Check that your tone is not overly casual. You want the reader to hear your unique voice – not be distracted by overly conversational language or messy sentence structure.  

Essay on Sports Topic Ideas 

Need some ideas? Here are a few example topics to get the inspiration flowing: 

  1. Explore a specific challenge or setback you faced in sports and discuss how you overcame it. This could be an injury, a loss or a difficult moment that taught you resilience and determination.  
  1. Discuss the influence of a coach on your sports journey. How have their guidance and mentorship contributed to your personal and athletic development?  
  1. Explore how your involvement in sports has shaped your identity. Discuss the values, beliefs and personal qualities that you’ve developed through your athletic pursuits.  
  1. Reflect on a situation where you demonstrated leadership or teamwork on the field. Discuss how these experiences have shaped your understanding of collaboration and leadership.  

Remember – these are just starting points. The best essay will be one that is true to you. 

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